Chika Takami
Kanji 高海千歌
Romaji Takami Chika
English Chika Takami
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Blood Type B
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Orange
Birthdate August 1
Hobbies Softball
Skill Horizontal Bar
Table Tennis
Favourite Food Mikan
Disliked Food Coffee
Idol Profile
Image Color       (Vivid Orange)
Role Aqours' Leader
Debut October 7
School Uranohoshi Girls' High School
Occupation Student
Family Two Older Sisters
Origin Uchiura, Shizuoka, Japan
Japanese voice Anju Inami (伊波 杏樹)
English voice Jād Saxton

"For now, from today onwards, I'll try being a school idol!!"

– Chika Takami

Chika Takami (高海千歌 Takami Chika) is the main protagonist of Love Live! Sunshine!!, and a second year student of Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She was born on August 1. She is voiced by Anju Inami. She is the leader of CYaRon!, a sub-unit under Aqours.


Chika is a girl with red eyes and short orange hair with braids behind her ears which is tied with a yellow ribbon.


Chika is very confident and happy most of the time. She enjoys visiting Kanan's island to doing carefree things such as playing in the ocean and spending her time going to karaoke booth.


She has two elder sisters, and all three of them are fans of μ's. Her family runs a traditional inn known for its open-air hot-springs with an ocean view.

Talents and InterestsEdit

She is talented in horizontal bar, table tennis, and calligraphy. She also loves softball and going to karaoke booths.[1]


Kanan is Chika's childhood friend, she used to visit Kanan's house by boat and drag her away from helping out to playing in the sea. Chika also told her desire to become an idol for the first time.
Riko, a new transfer student who never wanted to become an idol got dragged into it by Chika. Riko thinks of herself as just a plain girl, who could never become a school idol, although Chika wouldn't believe her and kept forcing her to become and idol. Then, Riko became a school idol before she realized it. Though as first she only wanted to do the instrumental pieces but later came to realize she wanted to be a full school idol.
Dia see's herself having a rivalry with Chika. When Dia found out that her younger sister, Ruby Kurosawa was now a member of Chika's idol group she called it "Ruby being held hostage". Because of that, Dia joined the idol group just because of Ruby. She says that she won't accept anything but victory in Love Live! Competition and told Chika to prepare herself.
You is Chika's bestfriend since they were little. Chika forced You to join her group and to get more members, that's when they met Hanamaru Kunikida, Ruby Kurosawa and Yoshiko Tsushima. Though eventually You did decide to join on her own free will even after Chika had stopped forcing her to join.


"For now, from today onwards, I'll try being a school idol!!"

"Everyone might laugh, but I'm serious about this. I want to get even just a little bit closer to the shining μ's I look up to so much."

"If we don't give up, our dreams will come true"

" there's nothing to lose☆ 'If we don't try anything, nothing will begin'"



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