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Kunikida Hanamaru Official Profile

The fact that I would actually become a school idol, that was something l had never even imagined--- But l can't just leave her best friend Ruby-chan alone... Guess this is just a part of human fate, and I will work hard! I'm sure that if she continues accumulating good deeds in this world, she might be able to live happily with Ruby-chan again even after reincarnation--- Such a thought must have come into my head after listening too much to the temple priests' talk. Ehehe♡ I was born as a temple girl but, she's always thinking of the books she loves reading. No matter where I am or who I'm with, I'm always alone after all. If there was someone else who could understand my feelings, I'd be happy♪

Character Introduction[2]

Dengeki G's Magazine Sep 2015 Kunikida Hanamaru Scan

Hmm, it's not here after all...
Just where on earth is it? The book about idols that Ruby-chan mentioned---
This is troubling.
It's great that Ruby-chan invited Maru to try being a school idol but--- Maru doesn't know a single thing about idols at all---
Maru has no choice but to study really hard from now on zura!
Maru was raised in a temple as a temple girl, so she doesn't really watch the television or use the internet--- Because of that, she's distant from the world's trends--- She had always been teased for that since a long time ago.
But during those times, Ruby-chan would always come to Maru's rescue. Every time others said things like "Maru doesn't even know something like this~" or "So slow!" or "Lame!".
"Maru-chan isn't anything like that! Because instead of knowing things that everyone knows from watching television, she knows lots and lots of difficult things nobody knows about! She'll always be amazing because of that!!!" That cute face blushing from both rage and embarrassment, even remembering it now--- brings a tear to Maru's eye.
With that said, rather than the Maru who was being troubled, it was always Ruby-chan who began crying first--- In the end, Ola has to end up comforting her--- Kusu kusu♡
She's so cute after all, Ruby-chan♪
Cute just like that. Ola thinks she definitely can become an idol! Ruby-chan is beautiful, cute, and dazzling--- She was always something Maru aspired to be.
So, even though such a Ruby-chan aimed to become a school idol, since she requested for Maru's help, Ola will do whatever it takes to get her there!
But for this Maru who is out-of-date, and neither cute nor interesting, all she can do is research books with all her might.
Right, idol books, idol books--- Ooh.
Ahhhh!!! This--- is the biography of Serizawa Kojiro which Maru had always been searching for!!!
This encounter might just be the work of fate, so just for a little while before continuing idol research--- only a little bit, let Maru read this book. Sorry Ruby-chan, please wait for me a little longer---

Q&A Corner

Q1. Please tell us your favourite genre of light novels.

Asked by アシュンさん @Twitter
What Ola likes most is Japanese literature. The genre Ola loves best is Bildungsroman--- coming-of-age novels, stories about maturing are just great♡ When Ola first read novels like Yasushi Inoue's Shirobamba and Serizawa Kojiro's Ningen no Unmei, Ola was really really moved--- Ola's heart was so excited that Ola became unable to sleep at night zura♪

Q2. Out of all the songs you sing in the choir, is there one you particularly like?

Asked by ハラコーさん @Twitter
Uwah~ Ola will be troubled if she doesn't manage to choose one--- ehehe♪ But the songs Ola likes are numerous, like "Nobara no Niou", "Izayorokobe" and so on... Maybe Ola likes more cheerful songs. Ah, but in the end, Ola's number one has to be the Christmas song "Ame no Mitsukai no", huh? It's a song Ola remembers singing alone so many times since childhood♡

Q3. What is your typical off-day schedule?

Time Activity
6:00am: Wake up
6:30am: Morning rituals (Offerings and cleaning the temple)
7:30am: Breakfast
9:00am: Choir practice
12:00pm: Go home and have lunch
1:00pm: Meet with Ruby-chan
2:00pm: Date at Numazu City♡ (Shopping)
5:00pm: Going home would be a waste so we take a stroll by the beach (And so we happen to meet Chika-chan and Kanan-chan!)
7:00pm: Go home (While trying to send Ruby-chan home, we get caught by Dia-chan and are scolded together)
8:00pm: Have dinner at Ruby-chan's place...
9:00pm: Take a bath
10:00pm: End up staying over at Ruby-chan's place and fall asleep

Q4. What are your favorite snacks? Also, which end of the taiyaki do you start eating from?

Asked by らら @Twitter
Maru's favorite snack is--- ohagi and mikan♡ There're a lot of mikan farmers around here, so since childhood, my house would be overflowing with mikan every time it got to the mikan season--- No matter how many there were, I always ate them all♪ Ah, and Maru loves red bean paste, so Maru really loves ohagi. And, oh, taiyaki must definitely be eaten from the tail onward. After all, they're so cute zura...

Aqours After School Talk - Hanamaru[3]

Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Hanamaru
Caption: Hya~, it's the first time I've worn such a cute costume since I was born zura! So happy zura♡

Amazing zura~!
Even though the person inside is still the chibi procrastinator Maru, looking at her like this--- She really seems like a true school idol!!!
Ruby-chan had always emphasized numerous times that the most important thing to an idol was a cute costume but--- to think that it would really make such a huge difference--- Somehow, I was still really surprised by it...... Tehehehe♡ For some reason, my heart is pounding♡♡
How does everyone find it, I wonder?
In spite of everything, does it really resemble a real school idol?
But, if that's the case, I'm sorry---
We've only just begun, so my voice is still quivering during songs, and I've no confidence in my dance at all---
But, now that I've been allowed to wear such a cute costume, I really have no choice but to try my best!!
Yes. I will work hard zura♪


  1. Official Website
  2. Dengeki G's Magazine September 2015 issue


translation credit on LuciaHunter

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