Kanan Matsuura
Kanan Matsuura infobox
Kanji 松浦果南
Romaji Matsuura Kanan
English Kanan Matsuura
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Birthdate February 10
Hobbies Astronomical Observation
Skill Diving
Handling a ship
Favourite Food Sazae
Disliked Food Umeboshi
Idol Profile
Image Color       (Lime Green)
Debut October 7
School Uranohoshi Girls' High School
Occupation Student
School Idol
Family Grandfather
Origin Awashima, Shizuoka, Japan
Japanese voice Nanaka Suwa (諏訪 ななか)
English voice Michelle Rojas

Kanan Matsuura (松浦果南 Matsūra Kanan) is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!, and a third year student of Uranohoshi Girls' High School. She is Chika's childhood friend. She was born on February 10. She is voiced by Nanaka Suwa.


Kanan has long, blue hair tied up in a ponytail and violet eyes. She is 162cm tall, the second tallest in Aqours along with Dia, after Mari.


Kanan's character is one of the most striking amongst the nine members, yet can also be one of the most difficult to understand; she has a very cool-headed and calm demeanor, but can also be shown, at times, to be detached and bitter. She can be both hard-headed and dense, while also at the same time holding grudges easily. Her stubbornness stems from her desire of wanting the best for her loved ones, making her selfless to a fault. She does everything in her power to push, discourage, and reject people when she really, truly believes that the decision she is making for them, is the best one. And it's a choice that hurts Kanan- a lot, but little by little, she is willing to become a villain for their sake.

Although being selfless is one of Kanan's biggest imperfections, it can also be one of her strongest merits. Considerate and compassionate, Kanan will be the first to give up her spotlight to others and help guide them to their goals without any complaint. She is undeniably one of the most supportive characters in the group, going any length to please her friends even if it means sacrificing her own happiness. Even after Chika and You brings up the idea of creating a school idol group, she still provides encouragement and help despite the fact she wanted nothing to do with school idols- the cause of her suffering.

Kanan's maturity is one of her main appeal points, as she plays the "parent/guardian" role over Aqours, along with Dia and Mari. She sets up a perfect example as the most reliable and level-headed role model. Kanan also has a more fun and lively side to her that tends to slip out from time to time. This adds a lot more personality and dynamics to her usually passive character.


Kanan lives alone with her grandfather on a nearby island where they run a diving-gear shop. She is childhood friends with Chika Takami. She became friends with fellow third year Dia Kurosawa in her second year.

Talents and InterestsEdit

She is talented in diving and handling a ship, likely from being brought up in a diving-gear shop. She also loves astronomical observation and swimming.[1]


  • Chika Takami - Kanan and Chika are childhood friends.
  • Dia Kurosawa - One of Kanan's childhood friends and classmates.
  • Mari Ohara - One of Kanan's childhood friends and classmates.


"Just looking at such a beautiful landscape, I feel content and happy every day"

"Well for the time being, I've no choice but to help out with my cute childhood friend's plan"

"That's why, well, no matter what--- anything that one does, the other would be dragged into it. That's how we've been up until now"



  1. Dengeki G's Magazine July 2015 Issue

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