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I'm Kanan Matsuura. I'm in third year high school, and I help out at our family's diving shop at the beach here in Uchiura. Uchiura prides itself on its green mountains, blue seas, sky as far as they eye can see, dazzling sunlight and white clouds. Just looking at such a beautiful landscape, I feel content and happy every day. there's also the presence of my childhood friends who understand me... wait, I wonder if Chika will be mad if I put that in? Hehe. My childhood friend Chika's , is childish and a bit of a worrywart, but her incredible cheerfulness and quirky imagination makes her stand out. I think she's up to something weird again lately. Anyway, while swayed by the blue waves, without thinking of anything and just swim straight ahead, my mind just becomes really empty. 'Well for the time being, I've no choice but to help out with my cute childhood friend's plan', such an odd mood came over me.

Character Introduction[2]

Dengeki G's Magazine July 2015 Matsuura Kanan Scan

Eeeh~ Me becoming a school idol!?
Geez, Chika's gone and said something weird yet again---
Reaaally, she's a girl who's always thinking about weird stuff.
I've known it ever since we were kids though--- Really, she's always putting on a cute face but her head's only full of wild ideas.
Like, ways to make star-sand on Uchiura's beach, or ways to raise a bridge all the way to the island where I live---
But well, the idea that if a bridge was raised on the beach, she would always be able to head over to Awashima to play with me--- It was cute enough that I was just a little bit happy about it.
At any rate, because there are very few children in this area, even though we're one year apart, I've had a lot of chances to be with Chika who loves sports as well as swimming in the sea. Our relationship is good--- Rather than that, it's more like we're almost inseparable? With something like that, we've always been together.
That's why, well, no matter what--- anything that one does, the other would be dragged into it. That's how we've been up until now.
Fufu. That's why, I've been dragged along to her beloved karaoke so many times even though I'm bad at it---
And now, this time it's school idols?
Well, 'such a rural, seaside village wouldn't have anything like idols' was something I thought but--- but, well, that girl said she wanted to try it, so for now I have no choice but to keep her company.
In such a place, if any high school student wants to try something--- we have to help each other out.
I have to help out at my family's diving school, and I live on an island, so even though I don't do any club activities, my time is limited.
Singing and dancing is--- something I never got a hold of.
If it's covering other bands, we might be able to do it... I think?
Something that intrigued me was Chika's revved up spirit, pumping a fist into the air and declaring that we would work hard and aim towards the μ's she aspired for.
In the first place, the Uranohoshi Girls' High School we go to is different from the Otonokizaka High School μ's attends, it's already been determined that it would be abolished.
Will we really be alright? Does that girl really understand---

Q&A Corner

Q1. Tell us the 3 spots you like best in Uchiura!

The small but beautiful white sandy beach, Awashima, the school pool where you can see Mt. Fuji, and the small dam next to the bus-stop beneath the school's Mt. Mikan. Ah, it became four places by accident. Also, the open-air bath at Chika's family ryokan which has a great view of Mt. Fuji!.. This is--- kinda like advertising? But it's true--- It's a great time whenever all of us members enter that bath after practice ♡

Q2. When you enter the bath, where do you begin washing first?

Eeeh~ You're asking this!? Since I run this diving shop with my grandfather, as well as live with him, I've had a lot of experience going into the sea since I was young. And so, I've gotten used to washing my hair first, I guess? And then continue in order from the top! Geez, such a thing--- shouldn't be asked right ♪

Q3. How is your typical off-day schedule?

Time Activity
6:00am: Wake up
6:30am: Breakfast
7:00am: Check weather forecast
8:00am: Shopping
9:00am: Check diving gear: Oxygen tanks, etc.
10:00am: Chika arrives!
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Diving
4:00pm: Bath
6:00pm: Dinner
9:00pm: Meet Chika at the beach
10:00pm: Go to bed

Won't you try--- taking a stroll with me in the middle of the blue sea? [3]

Dengeki G's Magazine Oct 2015 Kanan

Today's maximum depth is 22 meters, the sea's visibility is good, the air and water temperature is suitable, the waves are calm and the skies are clear--- it's really the best weather for diving! On days like these--- I think I'm really blessed to have been born here in Uchiura. Did you know? Here, where we live, the sea next to Uchiura is Suruga Bay--- a place famous in Japan for being the deepest bay. That depth is actually 2500 meters! If by some chance, while in the midst of diving you fell into such an ocean pocket, you wouldn't last very long but--- Well, that should give you a sense of how deep it is. Here, there're also some strange sea creatures that can't be found elsewhere, and an extremely beautiful underwater scenery that just spreads out in front of you--- Aah, I want to show it to everyone♡ Ah, that's it, if you ever come, I'll be your buddy and give you a tour of everything! It'll be fine, there's nothing to be afraid of♡ I'll hold on to you tightly the whole time. Will you feel safe if I hold onto your hand as we dive? Let's take a walk together with just the two of us, in the most beautiful, soundless, underwater world!

Aqours After School Talk - Kanan[4]

Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Kanan

Caption: Trying out dancing--- and finding that it was surprisingly fun is a new discovery! Come on, why don't you try dancing as well♡

When I first saw this costume, I really couldn't describe how I felt---
Could I really wear a costume this girly and fluttery? I thought of that but---
Just by trying it on once, even while thinking that, I became unexpectedly used to it♡
Right now, I'm mostly used to it, it seems as if dancing like an idol is also something that I've become used to.
After being invited by Chika, I started school idol activities without really thinking about it but--- it seems that I may unexpectedly have the aptitude for it.
And so, I put the costume on just like that, did things like dance practice with everyone else and--- somehow, I noticed that I was enjoying myself without realizing it.
Most especially, the times when we practice on the small beach in Uchiura are the greatest!! An energetic song and dance that resounds brightly across the blue skies and sea. I definitely wish--- that you would come see this at least once. I'm sure, that you'll feel like dancing together♡


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translation credit on LuciaHunter

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