The Love Live! Sunshine!! Live Action Special Movie is an April Fools short released by Lantis. The short was removed by the channel in April 2.



First ActEdit

Second ActEdit

Third ActEdit

Fourth ActEdit

Fifth ActEdit


Later, Riko woke up, realizing that this was a dream, and she was asleep for the whole time, while she was met by Chika & You. Later, Riko saw a coelancanth swimming on the sea, much to her great horror.


The entire sequence is a parody version of the Anime's ending, but with puppets. During the sequence's halfway, Riko's pig nose was finally removed, much to her joy.


Ruby, Hanamaru & Yoshiko was seen marching along with the rest of Coelacanths, with them singing "Shi-Ra-Kan-Su"


(In order of appearance)

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Despite being labelled as "live action", the short entirely consists of puppetry.
  • The Coelacanth plushes in this short are from the Japanese online shop Colorata Online Shop.
  • The first 4 scenes of this short had taken cues from various stories and Japanese folklore:
    • The Three Little Pigs
    • Urashima Taro
    • Ryuuguu-jou (Palace of the Dragon God)
    • Kachi-kachi Yama

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