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Eeeh!? Me becoming an idol? You mean like being in formation with everyone wearing frilly uniforms, dancing dances that look like they were from games back in kindergarten, becoming someone like those funny girls!?!? ... Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to say anything bad. Japanese idols are re~ally cute, I know, I know but, but it's a bit too strict for me, SO HARD--- Yeah, I'm not really suited for it. Ahahahaha --♪ You see, my favorite genre of music is industrial metal. That's why I'm sorry. If you're all gonna do it, I'll cheer everyone on from faraway♡ I have horseback riding lessons later so I gotta head home, okay? Ciao~♪♪

Character Introduction[2]

Dengeki G's Magazine Sep 2015 Ohara Mari Scan

Aa--- Great wind today too!
On sunny days with great wind like this, living on even this tiny island--- might not be too bad, I think.
Since my family runs a hotel chain, I can stay anywhere I want all across the world--- What did I do to deserve staying on this tiny tiny island in the middle of Izu peninsula in Shizuoka, sometimes I question that.
But, oh well.
At any rate, once I graduate from high school, I'll leave Japan and go to college overseas. Until then, I think experiencing life in such a Japanese countryside isn't bad too.
It's a bit boring but--- The air is great, the scenery is beautiful, and there aren't that many people, and the seafood is the best♪
What I want is an intense and vibrant daily life similar to the hard rock I love--- I'll be entirely OK even after leaving here. Right?
But for now, I'll take it easy.
And enjoy the natural life.
That's why---
School idol, you said?
To become something like that--- even though I made it clear from the start I would have no part of it.
She absoluuutely won't give up, that--- junior of mine, Takami Chika-chan, was it?
Ahahahaha---♡ I can't take it anymore!
No matter how many times I refused her, she just insisted that she wanted me to join their "Aqours" group.
With zero signs of ever giving up.
But unexpectedly, I don't hate such a straightforward approach.
If she's going to approach me that seriously--- I'll treat her just the same.
But if it's like that, it's now--- Sumo wrestling, Su-Mo-U!
A traditional method of deciding matches in Japan, right?
Challenging me--- If I lose then I'll take part in your group. Ciao~♡ Something like that--- If I try messing around like that, would she get mad?
But, under the clear skies and refreshing wind, splashing about in the surging waves--- An idol, really?
I think it's almost like a reckless battle, but---
I don't hate that.
The stronger the enemy, the more fired up it gets, right?

Q&A Corner

Q1. What kind of music is industrial metal?

Asked by ハイレモンさん @Twitter
Ah--- You heard about that? You heard about it--- Yep, you definitely heard about it. Kusu kusu♪ Hmm, I think you'll definitely understand it right away if you listened to it on the internet but--- It's a bit like the intense feeling of deep bass in heavy rock? It's fun when there's fire and explosions♡ It's exhilarating~! Please try to give it a listen♪

Q2. You take horse-riding lessons, but is there a particular horse you have a really great relationship with?

Asked by 紫鮫さん @Twitter
There is~! Of course♪ The horse I get along best with since I was a child is Starbright! A thoroughbred horse with a large build, it has a pattern on its forehead that resembles a cool white star. It's tall so riding it is a bit hard, and its temper is also a bit rough, but it's clever and kind only to me, a real tsundere horse♡ And oh, it's female, by the way. It's my best friend!

Q3. What is your typical off-day schedule?

Time Activity
8:00am: Wake up
9:00am: Yoga
10:00am: Shower
11:00am: Brunch
12:00pm: Afternoon nap
2:00pm: Shower
3:00pm: Horse-riding
5:00pm: Shower
6:00pm: Dinner
7:00pm: Surf the net
8:00pm: Homework
10:00pm: Take a bath
11:00pm: Fall asleep

ROAD TO IDOL: The Idol Song☆Everyone Makes Together [3]

Dengeki G's Magazine Oct 2015 Yoshiko Mari

Hi! It's Mari♪ Today--- I'm just enjoying the sunshine for a bit at my own poolside♡
This year's summer, has everyone been to the sea or pool already? Lately, all the girls have been doing whitening measures perfectly, it seems that the trend is to avoid tanning but--- It's Mari's rule that the summer sun has to be enjoyed to the fullest! Even if there's a faint tan line from the swimsuit--- Don't you think that's another hallmark of summer?
Fufu♡ These wonderful hips that will draw your eyes unwittingly are still in the process of production, so look forward to it! Ah, also, we wanted to make an idol song that brings about the sparkling image of this summer sun--- Today, I'm in the midst of creating musical ideas for Aqours by the poolside. Right now, I'm having some great feelings about that, so do look forward to that too! Ciao~♪

Aqours After School Talk - Mari[4]

Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Mari

Caption: Mari will make everyone happy with her smile♪ Do you know? Smiles hold the power of magic!

Hi~♪ Everyone, I'm so happy to meet you♡
I'm Mari from Aqours!
From here on out, using our greatest smiles and lovely singing voices, we'll make everyone happy♡
In just a little bit more, our song will reach out to everyone so--- wait for us until then, okay?
Though we're usually typical high school girls in our uniforms, with these cute costumes and our dance, we're school idols that will send a smile to everyone's faces.
Thus, that was how I started my activities with everyone else--- There was only one thing I had in mind. And that is the fact that smiles really have the power to make people happy.
If you think that's a lie, hey, why don't you try forcing a smile right now?
If you do that, then that mouth of yours---
Mari will give you a smooch♡♡
See, you immediately became happy, right? It's a miracle♪


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translation credit on LuciaHunter

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