Riko Sakurauchi
Riko Sakurauchi infobox
Kanji 桜内梨子
Romaji Sakurauchi Riko
English Riko Sakurauchi
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Birthdate September 19
Hobbies Painting
Skill Viola
Favourite Food Sandwich
Boiled Egg
Disliked Food Green Pepper
Idol Profile
Image Color       (Soft Pink)
      (Soft Magenta)
Debut October 7
School Uranohoshi Girls' High School
Otonokizaka High School (former school)
Occupation Student
School Idol
Origin Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese voice Rikako Aida (逢田 梨香子)
English voice Jeanne Tirado

"That I actually received such a special place--- My own dream is to have everyone's dreams come true."

– Riko Sakurauchi

Riko Sakurauchi (桜内梨子 Sakurauchi Riko) is one of the main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a second year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Her image color is light pink. She is a member of Guilty Kiss, a sub-unit under Aqours.


Riko has dark red hair with pins on the right side and a pair of yellow eyes.


She is a down-to-earth and modest person, and an indoor-type girl who likes painting. She does not think there's anything special about herself, so she does not want to become a school idol. However, her friend Chika Takami drags her into it.


Riko originally lived in Akihabara, Tokyo, but then transferred to Uchiura because of her father circumstances. She appears to have transferred from Otonokizaka High School.

She became a school idol due to Chika's influence.

Talents and InterestsEdit

Her talents are playing the piano and viola. Her hobbies are painting, handicraft, and cooking.[1]


When Riko never believed in herself, Chika told her she could become a school idol and forced her to practice. Then, Riko became an idol "before she could realize it".


"but if I could get just a little stronger to to help everyone who is relying on me, even just a little bit, that will be great."

"That I actually received such a special place--- My own dream is to have everyone's dreams come true. For the first time in my life, I felt like I realised that there was such a way of doing things"

"Sch-school idol!? It's impossible for someone like me!! I'm just someone who lived in Akihabara but I have no connection to anything so gorgeous, I'm just an Art Club member---"

"Saying "Good morning" to the cute angel murals makes me feel like I can work hard and face today with a smile."

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye"


  • Despite going to the same school as Muse , Riko was unaware of who they were when Chika Takami asked.
  • She is actually a former student of Otonokizaka High, the school Muse went to in the original Love Live
  • She is afraid of dogs regardless of their size, seemingly having been bitten by one before.
  • She seems to have a preference for doujinshi belonging to two niche sub-genres of kabedon and kabekui, under the girls' love (少女愛 shoujo ai) genre.


  1. Dengeki G's Magazine July 2015 Issue

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