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Official Website Introduction[1]

Sunshine!! character intro - sakurauchi riko

Official Introduction

I'm Riko Sakurauchi, a second year at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. I just transferred schools from the city, but really just a plain and normal high school girl. Even though I've said that dozens of times--- Chika didn't really believe that, and she pulled me into this whole thing until, before I realised it, I became a school idol. Which is why I totally have no confidence in being an idol, but if I could get just a little stronger to to help everyone who is relying on me, even just a little bit, that will be great. The first time I came to this school in the middle of these mountains filled with oranges, there was nothing but surprise after surprise waiting for me, but now, this has become a place which I love so much. That I actually received such a special place--- My own dream is to have everyone's dreams come true. For the first time in my life, I felt like I realised that there was such a way of doing things---

Character Introduction[2]

Dengeki G's Magazine July 2015 Sakurauchi Riko Scan

Dengeki G's July 2015 Scan

Because of my father's work circumstances, I ended up moving here. From Tokyo's Akihabara to this seaside village in Shizuoka, Uchiura...
At the beginning, I was a little depressed.
After all, it's not that I hadn't had any experience of moving before, but it was my first time leaving Tokyo--- Changing schools after becoming a second year high-school student made me feel--- incredibly uneasy.
When it was decided that I would change schools, everyone around me was full of encouragement--- "Izu City has great weather and onsens, delicious food, lots of greenery, it's a really good place". Hearing that, I, too, thought "That's right, Izu is a famous tourist location, the nearby Numazu city's guidebook also showed it as a really busy port-town, it's not that different from Tokyo, I'll be able to return once I advance to university---" Thinking that made my mood change.
And then I arrived in this village.
At first--- I was terribly surprised.
After all--- as I expected, it was totally different from anywhere I had lived until now.
There aren't a lot of people, nor that many shops either--- During night-time it turns into total darkness, and I can hear the distant sound of waves even from inside the house---
The school was on top of Mt. Mikan, at the tip of a cape.
Climbing that long, long hill to reach the school was something similar to the schools I've attended up until now.
But, even with the declining birth rates resulting in fewer students in schools in the city centers, Uranohoshi Girls' High School had even lesser students than that. And so, everyone had their childhood friends whom they grew up with, it was almost like the atmosphere of a family.
That's why I, entering into such a situation, was really uneasy enough to have my heart pounding but---
At that moment.
"Uwaah~!!! Awesome, Riko-chan, you're actually from THAT Akihabara!? Seriously!?!?! That's awesome, awesome beyond words~!!! As expected, you're super cute~!!! Yes, as I thought, this has to be fate!! Hey, hey hey hey, become a school idol with me♡"
An energetic voice rained down upon me on the top of my head.
"Sch-school idol!? It's impossible for someone like me!! I'm just someone who lived in Akihabara but I have no connection to anything so gorgeous, I'm just an Art Club member---"
Even though I hurriedly replied, it seemed like my words went totally unheard by the other person who simply smiled brilliantly. That was my first encounter with Chika-chan.
And that's where it all began---

Q&A Corner

Q1. Your favourite words are?

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye"--- These are words from The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Even though I like art and music--- When I came to this town, I looked up to a totally different night sky from what I would see in Tokyo, and remembered these words.

Q2. Something that felt cute to you recently?

Uranohoshi Girls' High School is like a mission school, it's full of paintings, figures and decorations of angels everywhere. The entrance hall facing the courtyard has a small mural with a cute angel--- I greet it every morning. Saying "Good morning" to it makes me feel like I can work hard and face today with a smile.

Q3. How is your typical off-day schedule?

Time Activity
7:00am: Wake up
7:30am: Breakfast
9:00am: Head to Numazu City to purchase art materials
12:00pm: Have lunch in front of the station. Meet Yocchan.
2:00pm: Get dragged on an idol study-trip in front of the station.
And then karaoke. Even though I'm bad at singing...
6:00pm: Go home
7:00pm: Dinner
8:00pm: Painting (Continuing from last)
10:30pm: Bath
11:30pm: Go to bed

Aqours After School Talk - Riko [3]

Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Riko

Caption: Such a short skirt is embarrassing but--- just between you and me, it feels just a little bit pleasant♡

Uwa~ Somehow, this school idol costume is so fluttery and fluffy---
Aah, for some reason, I'm just extremely restless and can't seem to calm down~!
But at the same time--- my heart is also pounding slightly.
No, if I were to speak the truth, it's pounding really fast---
It's just a little bit, but I'm feeling joyful♡
It's surprising even to me, this feeling--- Fufu♪
To think that there would be a day when I would wear such a costume.
Thanks to the positive Chika-chan, even someone as plain as me could become an idol like this♡
Now that it has come to this, I will have to push myself to my limits too, practice lots and dance as cutely as I can!
Somehow--- Uwah~, saying it out loud makes me really embarrassed!! What should I do♡


  1. Official Website
  2. Dengeki G's Magazine July 2015 issue


translation credit on LuciaHunter

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