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Kurosawa Ruby Official Profile

Official Introduction

Everyone, n-n-n-n-n--- nice to meet you!!! I-I am Ku-Kurosawa Ruby--- Oww, s-sorry, this time I overstrained myself and bit my tongue--- Aah~, what should I do, what should I do, I don't know--- Uh, uhm, actually up until now, I've never talked to any males besides my father before. That's why I've always been weak towards males--- But I've always, always loved idols, and always wanted to become one--- I've never imagined that someone like me could become an idol but, I've decided that I absolutely couldn't let this chance slip away from me. So even though I'm terribly nervous today, I'll do my best to ignore it! Ruby is terribly frightened right now but I love everyone---! Please support Ruby---!!!

Character Introduction[2]

Dengeki G's Magazine Sep 2015 Kurosawa Ruby Scan

Ruby really loves idols♡
They're cute, beautiful, wonderful, and dazzling--- Ruby thinks they're great at everything!
That's why, since childhood, Ruby had always, always been a great fan of many idols with all her heart but---
Ruby's parents are really strict, and only allows Ruby to watch the NHK news on the house's television.
Before this, Ruby would secretly sneak out of bed in the middle of the night--- If Mom catches Ruby watching music shows she would get really mad--- But the channel happens to be the same as NHK by chance, so Ruby would hurriedly pretend to have mistaken it for a history show--- Somehow it ended up being safe~ Phew---
Ruby still cried a little, though.
And just like this, it was really tough for Ruby to even be an ordinary idol fan.
That's why, for such a Ruby--- to have encountered the chance to become the real thing, a school idol, it's almost like a dream come true---
Uwaah, it's really, really just like a dream!
Even though Ruby had tried pinching her cheeks over and over again-- ow ow owww!
See, it's really not a dream--- Ruby's so happy!
So happy that Ruby is splashing about for joy~!
Uh, woaaaah--- Oops, Ruby almost fell into the sea but--- barely made it!
Ruby often bounces and splashes about just like this, so Sis always scolds Ruby with "Ruby has no composure at all".
Ruby knows that about herself too, but to be always clever and beautiful and poised--- Sis can do anything and simply has no equal.
But even for such a Ruby, if she really becomes an idol, if there ever was someone who could tell her that she's cute--- Ruby's been thinking along these lines.
And that's why, until Ruby becomes a full-fledged school idol, she definitely can't afford to fall into the sea and drown here!!
For that sake, Ruby will fight hard and overcome her greatest weakness of androphobia for sure--- Aaaah, what should Ruby do, just by thinking of that, somehow her heart is beating really fast~! Ruby might fall into the sea after all...

Q&A Corner

Q1. What made you realize that you wanted to become an idol?

Asked by ハマチャさん @Twitter
Ever since I was little, I've always loved the idols on television--- By the time I had realized it, I was already completely hooked! So maybe there wasn't anything in particular that made me realize it. According to sis, even when Ruby was still 0 years old and unable to speak, I already liked idol dolls. Ehehe--- I loved idols ever since I was born!

Q2. Between tall guys and short guys, which do you prefer?!

Asked by 黒澤ルビィ親衛隊隊長さん @Twitter (The mailer name literally means "Captain of Kurosawa Ruby's Royal Guard")
About that, Ruby would be nervous either way--- Having said that, ah, it's a bit different... Uh, uhhhhhhm--- If Ruby tries imagining a guy standing in front of her--- she thinks she would definitely become terribly nervous no matter what, so she thinks she has no preference!! No matter whether he's tall or short, as long as he's kind to Ruby she would be happy, she thinks...

Q3. What is your typical off-day schedule?

Time Activity
7:30am: Wake up
8:00am: Breakfast (I made sis mad by getting up late)
10:00am: Koto practice (My feet went numb...)
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Meet with Maru-chan♪
2:00pm: Date at Numazu City♡ (Shopping!)
5:00pm: Talking while taking a walk on the beach~☆
7:00pm: Go home (I made sis mad by coming home late)
8:00pm: Forcibly detain Maru-chan to stay for dinner!
9:00pm: Take a bath
10:00pm: Be overjoyed at Maru-chan having to stay over due to how late it's gotten!
10:30pm: Fall asleep

Aqours After School Talk - Ruby[3]

Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Ruby

Caption: Like this, will you be able to tell if Ruby is a school idol too? Right now, Ruby is so happy that her heart is pounding out of her chest♡

Uwah~ What should Ruby do, what should Ruby do, what should Ruby do......
Ruby has really become a school idol!!!
Ruby's heart is so full of emotions and is pounding so hard--- It feels a bit like Ruby might just drop dead any moment♡
But, dying now is definitely something that can't possibly be done, right!
After all, after all, after all--- that which Ruby had really really hoped for, always and always--- All the way since childhood, it's the moment when Ruby has become a school idol♡♡♡
And also, from here on out, Ruby will do her best with all her heart, practice lots and lots for both singing and dancing---
If Ruby could--- Really, even just a short while is fine, Ruby really wants to stand on a real stage and be seen by everyone.
And also, if anyone was to tell Ruby "Ruby-chan, do your best!"--- Ruby would feel the greatest bliss she could!!!


  1. Official Website
  2. Dengeki G's Magazine September 2015 issue


translation credit on LuciaHunter

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