Before becoming a user in the Love Live! Sunshine!! Community. you must assign and agree to our rules. This is a family-friendly community, trolling and vandalizing is not acceptable in our wiki. Please contact our Administrators if you disagree with any of the content down below.

What's Acceptable in our Community

You should add official information. Information that has been officially revealed in the anime series, official website or magazine.

What's NOT Acceptable in our Community


Adding fanart to pages of characters is false information. You are allowed to add fanart to your User-Page, Message Wall or the Fourm. We only add real pictures to articles that have been drawn by the creators.


Please do not add your opinion to articles, or even other peoples opinions for that matter.

    GOOD EXAMPLE:Dia Kurosawa thinks high of herself and has a slight bitter personality
    BAD EXAMPLE:Dia Kurosawa thinks very high of herself and i think she has a bitter personality so i don't like her


Respect other users, don't treat them badly. Treat them with kindness and respect. If you are being bullied on this wiki, contact User:Anime MZKI or User:Kafuchino~, and they will be blocked on this wiki. Remember, if you bully, you will be blocked will not be able to edit or talk with other users.


You are not allowed to curse on this wiki. This is a safe community that anyone can edit.

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