Official Introduction

Official Character Introduction[1]

Tsushima Yoshiko Official Profile

"Just by staring into this Yohane's black eyes- you will definitely fall in love with me♪ I am the fallen angel idol Tsushima Yoshiko Yohane, who will send you to a hell of eternal burning love. Hey, you know? Yohane is actually--- a devil♡ After all, it always rains when I go on trips, I always fall when it snows, I've never won anything in the lotteries at convenience stores, I always fall sick with influenza right before exams--- Such terrible fate isn't any ordinary thing♪ I'm definitely a sinful angel cast from the heavens after angering God for being too cute* How about it? Would you like to try falling from the heavens with me? It will definitely be very fun♪"

Character Introduction[2]

Dengeki G's Magazine Aug 2015 Tsushima Yoshiko Scan

Hello, everyone♡ Hailing from Izu Beach, a sparkling TWINKLE star, it's the newcomer everyone's been waiting for, Yohane♪ You've been waiting for me? Yohane is--- as you can see, a former angel♡ Amazing, right?
But even though I didn't do anything bad at all, before I realized it, I became a fallen angel--- Right now, I've completely turned into a devil exuding a colorful evil charm.
But actually, Yohane knows.
The truth about humans is that no matter when--- they will always get more excited the more evil it becomes, right?
Rather than a pure expressionless saint, what everyone loves is always a cute, cool, and beautiful girl--- but what makes their hearts beat faster is the sensation of danger. It's a bittersweet fruit that's more delicious the more it hurts one's heart.
It's just like the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the story of Adam and Eve--- Even though they knew it was definitely forbidden, they definitely became tempted to bite it♪
That's why, this devilish Yohane who's well aware of that dangerous charm, won't everyone here give her a try as well? Just one bite and you definitely won't be able to return to your original world♡
Ya~an, I'm looking forward to it♪
For the cute little demons who became fans of Yohane, I'll show you your beloved Yohane's stage performance!
The truth is, ever since a long time ago when I found out about this, I've had singing and dance lessons in preparation for this day.
Right now, it's simply an open-air beach stage, someday I'll definitely be standing on a real live---sta-sta-sta---eh?
Geez--- Why!? Even though it was a clear weather until just a while ago! As expected, this is bad luck on the level of a devil.
From here on, watch as I show you the devilish powers of this Yohane who can smash even weather forecasts to bits, okay~!!!

Q&A Corner

Q1. Why do you refer to yourself as "Yohane"?

Asked by アウスティグさん @Twitter
That's already decided, isn't it. Because my real name is Yo. Ha. Ne♡ Okaaaaay? Since it's our first time talking, I'll say this first: The name that's written in the civil family register isn't my real name. Af-after all, I mean--- a name like Yo, Yoyoyoyoyoshi---ko, is just, can't possibly be right. That my real name is Yoshiko, can't possibly be right!?!?!?

Q2. Where do you always eat your bento lunches?

Asked by ステルスさん @Twitter
Maybe in the classroom or by the pool? Given a choice--- I prefer to eat alone. Because I'm a devil, after all. Most of the students here are locals who come to school by walking or bicycles, but it takes time for me to get here from Numazu by bus. That's why--- I want to take my time eating my bentos alone. Would you like to eat together with such a Yohane? If you do, I'll forgive you and permit it♡

Q3. How is your typical off-day schedule?

Time Activity
8:00am: Wake up
9:00am: Breakfast
10:00am: Head towards Numazu City without an aim
11:00am: Watch a movie alone
1:00pm: Lunch (Sandwiches at Senbon beach)
2:00pm: Check out the event on the mini-stage in front of the market
3:00pm: Fashion check at the building in front of Numazu Station
5:00pm: Go home
6:00pm: Homework
7:00pm: Dinner
8:00pm: Bath
9:00pm: Coffee time in preparation for staying up late tonight
10:00pm: Surf the internet while listening to music
11:00pm: Prepare to hold a demonic ritual in the middle of the night
12:00am: Fall asleep unknowingly

Oh! My Favorite! ! Aqours Fashion News [3]

Dengeki G's Magazine Oct 2015 Yoshiko Mari

Photo Caption: The miraculous devil girl who descended upon the land of Uchiura♪
If you'll follow me, we'll fall into a purgatory of love♡

Hi♪ How's everyone? Yohane's unusually energetic today♡
As expected, the midsummer heat is--- almost like the eternal flames of burning hell, the heat of Gehenna's inferno itself♪
Just that, in this heat--- Even Yohane's devil costume has no choice but to increase in exposure--- All of my fans nationwide, all you little demons might find this addictive to your eyes, so I might be feeling a little sorry for that♡ Fufu♪
But you know, it's fine, it's alright. Even in this case when upon seeing me, you're unable to restraint yourself, you're excited and turned on, right? After all, Yohane is a real devil, and devils are always lenient towards wicked thoughts♡
Why don't you fall together with this sexy Yohane, to the very depths of hell? ☆

Aqours After School Talk - Yoshiko[4]

Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Yoshiko

Caption: It's finally party time for Yohane and her little demons♪ I'll have you fall for me completely♡

Alright, is everyone ready?
At long last--- the moment has finally come.
Feast your eyes upon the cutest, captivating sight that is Yohane---
At this rate, you'll fall all the way to the deepest depths, the lowest level of hell♪
And just like that, if you become someone who won't be able to live without Yohane anymore--- At that time, Yohane will take responsibility for it♡
It'll be fine, from here on out, you'll always, always be with Yohane, alright?
When it rains on the days that you want to take an excursion, or when you slip on moss in the middle of a race at sports meets, all those are just signs that you're Yohane's fan♡♡
On days when bad things happen, just listen to Aqours' songs and cheer up!
After all, the devil girl's party is only just getting started♡


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translation credit on LuciaHunter

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