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"Uranohoshi Girls' School Year 2 Class 1, Student No. 28, Watanabe You! My special abilities are high-dives and predicting the weather! My unique talent is a high-dive with a 3.5-round somersault!! That is all!!!... Ugh, it feels like I've nothing more to say--- What should I do, being an idol might not suit me after all. Ehh, my daily routines are muscle training and running, and I would like to follow in my respected father's footsteps and become a ferry captain in the future! Hmm, I wonder if that's enough? An idol's self-introduction... this felt nothing like that, but oh well, whatever!. "I actually found singing and dancing pretty fun when I tried them, and playing as a team is also enjoyable♪ And so, You Watanabe will now set sail towards Love Live! Take off!! Salute!!!"

Character Introduction[2]

Dengeki G's Magazine Aug 2015 Watanabe You Scan

I'm a second year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School, You Watanabe, sixteen years old.
My talent is high diving, I've been doing it since childhood.
Because this is a seaside village, the places where you can swim in are everywhere you look, so swimming is everyone's strong point but--- something like high diving is a bit different so it's my sole pride, I think?
When I was small, I would go high diving every day from places like the large rock over at the rocky area, or from the embankment. Everyone used to rush to enter the ocean to play but--- after entering middle school, everyone no longer swims that much anymore, right?
But no matter what, in the end, I love the sea--- Even now I still swim at the school's pool every day. I guess this is due to my father's influence, huh?
My father is the captain of a liner that operates out of this Izu peninsula. When I was small, he often allowed me to ride along on his ship.
Being aboard a ferry running along the seas, taking a deep breath is always refreshing--- Stepping out onto the deck of the ferry that splits the wind, I love how it almost feels as if the world is in my hands.
A scenery of only blue seas and white skies that stretches endlessly. No matter how many times I ride the ferry, I love it so much that my heart races--- No matter when, driven by the good mood, I kind of feel like I want to do a high dive into the sea!
"Splash!" Something like that.
High diving from the tall deck of a high-speed liner, dancing in the air before a splash. That immediate transition from the warm air atop the deck to being wrapped by the water--- That cooling is the most amazing feeling!
Fufu, such an athletic person like myself--- Can I really become an idol?
If I ever really become a school idol and stand on a stage someday, at that time I'll--- probably stand on the deck of a large ship, and shout out "Yousoro!"[3] like a ship captain♡
But for now, just leave the mood to me to dive right into the heart of things.
Even this sea of idols--- I'll try jumping in with all my might!
And so--- I'll aim for that sparkling star of idols within the high seas and charge full speed ahead! Yousoro!!

Q&A Corner

Q1. You love occupational uniforms, but which type of uniform is your favourite?

Asked by 紫鮫さん @Twitter
My favorite is, of course, the sailor uniform~! The rank insignia and caps are cool too♡ In the past, I often used to wear my father's cap and pretend I was a ship captain. I think it's definitely something that won't change for me, the sailor uniform is something I've been longing for all my life. And then, the Maritime Self-Defense Force and Coast Guard are cool too♪ I guess my favorite uniforms are just those of marine occupations♡

Q2. Between Kanan and You, who swims faster!?

Asked by 彩狐さん @Twitter
To say this myself is a little--- ehehe♪ Well, I guess it should be You-chan, right~? A, ahahahaha♪ You see, the truth is that no matter how you look at it, You-chan is a member of the athletes selected for training to join the national high-diving team~! Surprising, right? Kanan-chan is a diver so her endurance is amazing, but if it comes to bursts of speed, it'll be You's victory~!

Q3. How is your typical off-day schedule?

Time Activity
7:00am: Wake up, jogging, and muscle training.
8:00am: Breakfast
9:00am: At the pool
12:00pm: Lunch (Having my bento at school!)
1:00pm: At the pool
3:00pm: Everyone comes to play during snack-break time!
4:00pm: End of swimming
5:00pm: Snack at the aquarium's cafe
6:00pm: Go home. Take a bath.
7:00pm: Dinner
8:00pm: Fall asleep

Uranohoshi Splash! !: Tons of Happenings!? [4]

Dengeki G's Magazine Oct 2015 Chika You
Watanabe You's Case

C, c-c-c--- caught something~! That's great, with this, I can finally return--- Phew. Jeez, when everyone gathered today, they just passed fishing equipment to me out of nowhere. I was thinking just what kind of school idol activity we were doing, but fishing!? It was extremely surprising but--- Chika-chan said, we need to create an episode that conveys our everyday lives here in Uchiura... Somehow, with just that, the mood changed entirely but--- Well, whatever. Caught a horse mackerel♡ Alright, now that it has come to this, it's been a while since I've fished, but I'll do this as a present for the readers--- Ahh, in the end, something just feels extremely off about all this. Is this really fine, a fishing idol? Have I been deceived...

Aqours After School Talk - You[5]

Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk You

Caption: At long last, the voyage as idols is starting from here on out!♪ Everyone, Yousoro!!

Tada♪ How is it?
Uranohoshi Girls' High School Year 2, Watanabe You!
This is my--- School Idol Version♪
Somehow, this strangely feels uneasy, while this costume feels even more embarrassing than the swimsuits I'm usually in, it's also a strange feeling. Ehehe♪
"The You who's perfectly fine with always wearing those revealing swimsuits has no right to say that," Everyone gave me that sort of retort but--- But, you know?
Swimwear for competition-use are, how to put it--- Something just like uniforms. But, something like this is just...
Somehow it's overly-cute, it feels like You-chan became someone else without realizing it☆
It feels like I might say that I've become more introspective without knowing it.
Everyone, please always, always keep watching Aqours from here on out~♡♡♡
Just kidding♡♪


  1. Official Website
  2. Dengeki G's Magazine August 2015 issue
  3. "Yousoro" is a ship command which means to straighten the ship. After giving a steering instruction, the captain issues this command to tell the helmsman to straighten the ship in the direction it is facing now.
  4. Dengeki G's Magazine October 2015 issue


translation credit on LuciaHunter

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